Suzi Ann's Closets!

What does it take to make money on consignment?

Here are a few tips that will be sure to help you make the most from your closet.

  • first take a look and find what you will want to consign...

 First take a look at your clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, lotions and accessories that you will want to consign -

               items that no longer fit you (if they don't fit today, likely they won't fit in the future)  

               items that are not comfortable or just don't fit how you want them to

               items that you have never worn or have not worn for the past 18 months
               items that don't really go with your style anymore

second take a minute and make sure they are free of rips, stains, any kind of damage (broken zippers, missing buttons, etc) ...

Third ensure all items are clean and ready for the showroom floor!

Following these three tips will help ensure that they are priced at top dollar and sell faster :)